to brochure alfa 166








Only Alfa Romeo can offer that pleasure of driving in total control that a true
"Alfista" immediately recognises. The new Alfa 166 is the ultimate expression
of this philosophy.
Much more than a flagship, the new Alfa 166 is the executive class sports
saloon for those who prefer to drive than to be driven in life.
Its unique contemporary Italian style together with a series of improvements in
design, engines, specifications and attention to detail make the project a winner.
The new Alfa 166 oozes innate breeding, a combination of technology and style
rooted in a tradition of innovation and motorsport unique in the history of the
A tradition that has never rested on its laurels and strives to excel through a combination of heart and research.
The appeal of the new Alfa 166 lies in its elegance and character. Satisfying to look at. Satisfying, above all, to drive.
Interior comfort to relish and a structure that makes you feel safe enough to concentrate on the way the carís power and control is expressed on the road.





The new Alfa 166 conveys all the hallmarks of a true-blue Alfa Romeo personality from first glance. Practicality and elegance blend to form a unique package of beauty and power, where every detail is a pleasurable necessity and nothing is superfluous.

The triangular grille on the new front end, a symbol that identifies every Alfa Romeo at first glance, forms the fulcrum for two converging ribs that expand to suggest the power of the engine and then soar smoothly to embrace the whole car. The upper line of the grille extrapolates to the side air intakes and new headlights for extra dynamism. The light output is more than doubled by Bi-Xenon headlights. Flush bumpers blend into the car body. The spare, clean side conveys an impression of prestige and quality through the subtle, stylish use of chrome. The body features no sharp corners or edges. It is smooth and shapely with handles and side repeaters enfolded in the car body, and flush with it. The wheelarch bulges and the wheels themselves blend perfectly into the body shape. To the observerís eye, the car is strong, compact and glued to the ground, partly due to a sturdy horizontal axis from which the entire side appears to spring.

The specifications, Progression, Distinctive and TI, and a range of 10 colours, four of which are new, have been produced to meet the sophisticated, up-to-date tastes of those able to appreciate the greatest automotive exponent of sporting style.